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With regulations changing on May 29th, we want to take a moment to update you on how we are handling everything. 


Starting on May 29th we will begin a phased reopening approach.  

For the time being we will require clients and staff to continue wearing masks. We will be reevaluating and will update at the end of June. 


All stylists and colorists will return to their original stations (pre March 2020). This will eliminate the 6 feet distancing. We will however, keep the barriers and can put them up if you so choose. We feel that with wearing masks and our excellent ventilation that clients and staff will continue to be safe and protected.  


We will have a waiting area again, but if you are not comfortable waiting, please just come up at your appointment time. 


The elevator will once again be available for use and magazines will be back as well.  We will not serve beverages yet, but as soon as we change to a non-required mask policy, those will be back. The coat closet will also be reopening.


We thank you for your understanding as we ease everyone back and look forward to seeing everyone this summer!

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